Lyssa Adkins is coming to New Zealand

Big news – Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd are finally coming to NZ. When I attended their training in 2010 it completely changed how I approached agile work. Since then I have been trying to get them here and have finally pulled it off!

Conversations with the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch markets indicated that Auckland and Christchurch had the most interest, so we have decided to run one workshop in each. They are on as follows:

Our prime motivator for running this course is the betterment of the software industry in NZ – we believe Lyssa’s work can make a valuable contribution to this. Based on this, we have kept the price down to the same as our local training in order to make Lyssa’s course accessible. Up until one month prior, the earlybird rate of $1,500 applies. After this the full rate of $1,800 applies.

The course is 2 ½ days long, but held over 2 days. On the first night we work into the evening after a break for dinner! One the second day we apply the agile facilitation techniques learned on day one to the key Scrum meetings so that attendees come away in a position to apply the skills immediately.

If you are interested in attending this key event, please do take advantage of the earlybird pricing! If you have any inquiries about the course then please check out the Assurity website or contact me.


  1. Edwin Dando says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I will have a look at this and see what I can do to address it.

  2. So in Scrum (and agile in general) one of the items in the Agile Manifesto is, Working srwofate over comprehensive documentation. To me, this means that you should not ignore the fact that risks (possibly impediments) need to be tracked in an organization (see my blog entry on compliance!). Remember though do not overkill it. Do what is needed and move on.

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