Scaled Scrum is still Scrum

I spent the last week of April in Karlsruhe, Germany with the wonderful and talented community. During that time, we worked through The Nexus Framework as part of the new Scaled Professional Scrum training. It was a come-together of some of the world’s leading agile thinkers, reviewing’s approach to the challenge of “scaling Scrum”. It was a profound experience I am grateful for. This post shares some of my experience.   [Read more…]

Who stole all my Scrum benefits?

You’ve seen the statistics – Jeff Sutherland’s group consistently achieving 500-750% increases in productivity, organisations tripling their productivity in a matter of months etc. You’ve implemented Scrum so how come you aren’t reaping these sorts of benefits?

When you spend time with a high performing agile team, something quite profound yet subtle happens. What you notice is not how well they are adhering to the rules of the framework they use, but rather how well they all focus on regularly delivering business value.  In my experience I have noted two key pattern:

  1. They are all working together on delivering business value
  2. They support this notion using high quality agile engineering practices.

Let’s unpick these a little.  [Read more…]

Three reasons to choose Kanban over Scrum

Scrum is a powerful tool. Kanban is a powerful tool. Use them appropriately.  [Read more…]

How Specification by Example helps Agile teams make better products

Specification by Example is an incredibly valuable addition to the Agile community. Many people are talking about SBE, but what exactly is it and why is it needed? [Read more…]

Creating upward behavioural spirals in Agile teams

I love being an agile trainer, mentor and coach. It provides regular insights into human behaviour that I personally find utterly fascinating.One of my favourite exercises that I use in Scrum Training is the Ball Game. It is a simple game and gives teams a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of self-organisation, frequent micro-planning and retrospection. [Read more…]